Sex Crimes 4th Degree

Do not take this charge lightly. Hire an experience sex crime attorney in Warren & Royal Oak, MI & Macomb County

A charge of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree might be called a "high court misdemeanor", but it is an extremely serious charge that can have lifetime ramifications. Though called a "high misdemeanor", it is treated like a felony case for all practical purposes and is sentenced as such. A conviction of CSC 4th Degree poses up to a maximum possible sentence of 2 years in the state prison, as well as many years or decades of registration on Michigan's Sex Offender Registry (SORA).

Do NOT take a charge of CSC 4th degree lightly. Even if the prosecution offers you a plea that might allow you to escape jail or prison time, any conviction requires an automatic registration on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. This charge can and will haunt you for years to come unless you fight it.

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It is important to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who handles allegations of sex crimes or criminal sexual conduct and has experience fighting these charges with success.

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