Why Barnwell Law?


There are many lawyers who practice criminal defense. Not all spend nearly every day in courtrooms around Metro-Detroit and Michigan focusing exclusively in criminal defense. The "Barnwell Defense" is tailored to your specific situation. If it's a trial case, Barnwell Law will develop a strategy to win your case.

If it is a case that will not involve a trial, Barnwell Law will work hard to secure the most favorable outcome possible. Many clients who thought they were going to jail, or whom the prosecution strongly argued for jail, have been given a second chance through the help of Barnwell Law. Bill knows how to speak to players on all sides of the case: From the prosecution, the jurors, the judge, and so on.

Your case will be tailored towards you, the facts of your case, your goals, and ultimately what you hope to see accomplished.


Sit down with Bill personally and he will walk you through the anatomy of your case. He will answer all of your questions. If you are not satisfied, you pay nothing for your consultation. Instead, you will walk away knowing you picked the right attorney who will fight and advocate for you.


Bill is a relatable attorney. He cares for his clients. He returns your calls. He explains things to you. You will know you have someone at your side who genuinely cares for you and doesn't just see you as a paycheck.


Bill's extremely unique skill set brings him an edge many defense attorneys do not posses. He is respected in the legal community and knows how to effectively fight. He knows when to be aggressive, and sometimes, just as important, when not to pick the wrong battles.


Finally, Bill has handled a number of sensitive and even widely publicized cases. He is skilled in handling the press, but more importantly, how to persuade a judge or jury.