Have You Been Accused of Homicide or Murder?

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The most serious crime one can be accused of is murder. Depending on the charge, you could be facing life in prison, to many years in prison. Barnwell Law is not afraid to take on these tough cases. (Intersperse images of me with the recent murder case).

Homicide cases are time-consuming and complicated. Often times, many Prosecution experts must be brought in as witnesses. Barnwell Law is not afraid to bring in witnesses to testify on matters such as blood splatter evidence and other essential forensic evidence. Homicide cases can include First-Degree Murder, Second-Degree Murder, Manslaughter, and other related crimes such as being an accessory to murder, or dismemberment. Penalties can range up to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Your entire life is literally on the line if you face a charge of this nature. Hire a litigator who is not afraid to take your case all the way to trial.