Law Enforcement Takes Drug Crimes Very Seriously

Law Enforcement Takes Drug Crimes Very Seriously

Discuss your options with a felony attorney in Warren, Royal Oak, Roseville, Sterling Heights, Macomb County, MI & Fort Myers, FL

Drug possession charges have significant consequences, but when you're suspected of intent to deliver, you're facing even heftier sentences. Barnwell Law, PLLC wants to help you build your defense. You'll work directly with a felony attorney to build your case and advocate for your innocence in front of a judge.

If you're convicted on charges of possession with the intent to deliver, you could face both jail time and fines. Contact our law firm today to schedule an appointment with a drug crime attorney in Warren, MI & Fort Myers, FL.

Working with you every step of the way

When you work with our firm, our felony attorney will...

  • Meet with you to go over the details of your charges
  • Mediate conversations between you and law enforcement
  • Build a strong defense to present in court
  • Advocate for you in front of a judge
  • Manage the appeal process if necessary

Hiring an experienced drug crime attorney will help you navigate this process effectively. Call 810-394-2952 now for more information.