The 43rd District Court, Madison Heights, Ferndale, and Hazel Park -- All Misdemeanors and Felonies

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in the 43rd District Court, your case will be heard in one of the three branches of the 43rd District Court that exist in Ferndale, Madison Heights, or Hazel Park. Depending on where the offense was alleged to have occurred will determine which branch of the 43rd District Court will hear your case.

The 43rd District Court of Ferndale, Madison Heights, and Hazel Park is located in Oakland County. Oakland County is considered to be one of the "toughest" Counties in the state for criminal defendants. The presiding Judge in Ferndale is Judge Joseph Longo. The presiding Judge in Madison Heights is Judge Keith Hunt, and the presiding Judge in Hazel Park is Judge Charles Goedert. Many attorneys and defendants consider these "tough" Judges, and some attorneys will not practice in certain wings of the 43rd District Court. However, attorney William (Bill) Barnwell of Barnwell Law, PLLC has represented numerous clients in Ferndale, Hazel Park, and Madison Heights and is not afraid of these Courts and is happy to take your case and provide you with a top-notch defense.

Barnwell Law has represented individuals accused of various misdemeanors and felonies in these courts including DUI, OWI, other alcohol-related offenses, Indecent Exposure, Disorderly Conduct, drug crimes, Home Invasion, Breaking and Entering, Resisting Arrest (alleged offenses against the police), Driving While License Suspended, traffic matters, Assault, Battery, Domestic Violence, and a host of other offenses that range from serious felonies, to lower level misdemeanors. This list is not exhaustive, but our attorney has successfully represented numerous individuals before all three Judges and Courts of various misdemeanor and felony allegations.

If you are facing a misdemeanor, such as Retail Fraud in the 3rd or 2nd Degree, your case will stay in the 43rd District Court in Ferndale, Madison Heights, or Hazel Park (depending on where the crime was alleged to have occurred). If you are being charged with any felony, whether it is drug or alcohol related (substances such as heroin, cocaine, meth, mushrooms, marijuana, a 3rd Drunk Driving/DUI/OWI offense, etc), a property offense such as felony larceny or embezzlement, home invasion, breaking and entering, a homicide or murder related allegation, etc, then your case will begin in Ferndale, Madison Heights, or Hazel Park, and if not dismissed at your Probable Cause Hearing, traditionally known as a Preliminary Exam, the case will proceed to the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac.

It can not be emphasized enough how "tough" the Courts can be in the 43rd District and Oakland County overall. This is why you need an attorney experienced not only with Criminal Law, but each branch of the 43rd District, as well as the 6th Circuit Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac if you are facing a felony. Our attorney is not afraid to take your case to trial in any of these Courts. He has a winning trial record across Michigan and Metro-Detroit for various misdemeanor and felony trials, as well as a well-documented record of success for clients who do not want to take their cases to trial, but instead desire to work out some other favorable form of resolution.

If you have been charged with an offense anywhere in Oakland County, such as with the 43rd District Court's jurisdiction of Ferndale, Hazel Park, or Madison Heights, or a felony case that will ultimately be heard in the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac, it is essential that you call Bill Barnwell of Barnwell Law today.

Our attorney is on call 24/7 and will take your call in your time of need, or respond to your message as soon as possible. Our attorney is also an exclusive criminal defense attorney who has been highly ranked by his peers, the overall legal community, and countless previous clients.

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